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Effective from September 28, 2023.

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Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

All information on our website is provided for general informational purposes and is solely for informational purposes. We strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information; however, we do not take responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of relying on the information found on our Website.
The Website may contain materials/content/advertisements originating from third parties. RES D.O.O BEOGRAD is not responsible for the content on the Website that appears and/or is published and originates from third parties (including but not limited to: advertisements, banners, promotional messages).

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Rules of Use

In order to use the content on the website effectively, safely, and without interruption, the following is not allowed:

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  • posting, sending, exchanging, and transmitting information that the visitor knows or assumes to be false and whose use could harm other individuals;
  • falsely representing, or representing on behalf of, another legal or natural person;
  • manipulating and abusing identifiers to conceal the origin of the published, sent, exchanged, or transmitted content;
  • posting, exchanging, and sending unwanted content from users without their consent or request, such as promotional materials, advertising messages, spam messages, chain letters, promotional and advertising materials containing false information, statements, or claims that may deceive users;
  • posting, sending, exchanging, and transmitting content with viruses or similar files or programs designed to destroy or limit the operation of any software and/or hardware, as well as telecommunications equipment;
  • collecting, storing, and publishing the personal data of other visitors to the website.

RES D.O.O BEOGRAD reserves the right to remove content that it deems inappropriate or not in compliance with the terms of use. Users assume responsibility for any damage resulting from their activities.

Legal Jurisdiction

In case of any dispute arising from the violation of the Terms of Use, the competent court is in Belgrade.


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