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London will host the 2024 LoL World Championship

For the second year in a row, the capital of Great Britain will host the best LoL players in the world, this time as part of the biggest international competition.

After London hosted the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, they will get the chance to host LoL esports' biggest tournament, the World Championship.

JD Gaming defeated Bilibili Gaming in the China Derby in the MSI 2023 Grand Final this year to lift the trophy intended for the winner, and according to LoL esports director Naz Aletaha, Riot was "enthralled by the energy of the fans in London, and they can't wait for the best players in the world to come together next year at the O2 Arena."

The O2 Arena is the second largest arena in Great Britain and is known for hosting music concerts by the world's biggest stars, as well as major sporting events.

It remains an enigma as to why England were awarded two such major international tournaments ahead of France, Spain and Germany who performed brilliantly in 2019 as co-hosts, and countries where LoL esports are infinitely more popular and have a history of success both at the EMEA Masters and and with the formation of teams that later played and still play in the LEC, while the NLC (English/Nordic) LoL league has seen record low viewership for seasons, but certainly at the end of the day it's Riot's decision and France fans will have to be content with that that next year they will be able to watch Karmine Corp in the LEC.

The World Cup is now returning to Europe after four years, if we do not count the year 2021 when the tournament was supposed to be held in China, but due to the corona virus epidemic, it was transferred to Iceland at the last minute.

Since 2019, Europe has not had a representative in the finals of the championship. Let's recall that time FunPlus Phoenix overcame G2 Esports 3-0 in the finals, after which the comeback of LEC teams in international competitions begins.

In the just concluded championship, Europe did not even have a representative in the playoff phase of the competition, and the fans can only hope that things will change in the next 12 months and that a strong team will emerge in the LEC that will be able to compete with the giants from China and Korea. and fight for the match at the O2 Arena.

Next year's world champion title will be defended by T1, who reached the finals twice in a row, but after a narrow 2-3 defeat last year, this time they defeated Weibo Gaming with a convincing 3-0 triumph and reached a record fourth title of the planet's champion.

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