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Montenegrin CS2 superstar Pavle "Maden" Bošković gave perhaps the best game so far in the Falcons jersey and helped them secure a top 4 placement at IEM Katowice 2024. After a fierce fight, they defeated the home team ENCE 2-1.

ENCE is perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the group stage of the championship, but their fairy tale ended already at the start of the playoffs. The organization that went through big changes after the sale of three players, including Maden, managed to form a squad for respect, a squad that for the first time in eight years brought happiness to Polish fans in the form of the home team in the Spodek Arena.

Arena thundered last night, but it didn't disturb Maden who, like Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas, finished the match with a score of 55-46 in frags. How important a role Madden played is best shown by the fact that at the level of the entire match, he did an average of 93 damage per round to opposing players.

On the other side, Olek "hades" Miskiewicz must be singled out, who finished the match with 62 frags and a 1.45 rating, but his individual play was not enough for ENCE to get overtime on the decisive third map, which they lost in the last round of the regular part of the map.

Unfortunately for ENCE fans, team captain Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander had a very weak match, who made only 21 frags for three maps, and the match ended with a 0.67 rating.

The match itself started at the Mirage, and the Falcons dominated at their peak where they took an 8-4 lead on the T side and then gave up just one run for a 13-5 victory.

Then came Overpass, where ENCE took as many as nine rounds on the T side, and although the Falcons put up a good resistance in the continuation, they could not do more than reduce the score to the final 9-13.

On Nuke, we unexpectedly saw better play from teams on the T side. The Falcons took an 8-4 lead, then extended their lead down the stretch after an incredible 1-for-3 victory by Madden as the bomb was set.

IEM Katovice 2024

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