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CS legend FalleN learning Serbian on stream

CS esports legend Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo has been with the FURIA team in Belgrade for a long time preparing at the RLG bootcamp facility where they have already played two big tournaments, and in the meantime it seems that the famous player liked Serbia, so he decided to give a shot at learning Serbian language.

FalleN is a regular guest of the RLG training center, where he came several times to prepare for competitions in Europe. In the past period, he came to Serbia with the MiBR and Imperial teams, and he continued the tradition with FURIA, of which he has been a member since July of this year.

In addition to preparations, FURIA also played two official tournaments from Belgrade, as we mentioned at the beginning of the text. In the Roobet Cup, they reached the semi-finals, where they were finally defeated by the future champion, and then played in the Thunderpick World Championship, where BIG defeated them both times in Group D, denying them to move into the playoffs.

When his commitments allow him between trainings, FalleN likes to turn on the stream on Twitch and broadcast the FPL gameplay, and yesterday during the breaks between matches he decided to try learning Serbian, and to begin with, he did more than fine.

The Brazilian 32-year-old CS veteran is one of the record holders when it comes to the duration of his esports career. He has been competing for 18 years, he has gone through as many as four different versions of the counter - CS, CS: Source, CS:GO and finally CS2, he has countless titles behind him, including two Major trophies, and besides his playing successes, he is best known for everything he did to raise the CS esports scene in Brazil and South America.

His regular visits to Serbia only confirm the fact that Belgrade has really become an extremely important point in Europe for CS espor and that even the most popular players in the world enjoy the hospitality they encounter here, which is why it is not surprising that Belgrade is being mentioned more and more often as a potential location. for organizing big CS2 tournaments, so who knows - maybe the Major itself one day.


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