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Natus Vincere defeated FaZe Clan 2-1 in the grand finals of the PGL Copenhagen Major and made history as the first CS2 Major champion!

In the pick/ban phase of the match, FaZe opted for Ancient after banning Anubis, while Na'Vi took Mirage after banning Vertigo. In the next round, the banned Na'Vi kicked out Nuke, and FaZe opted for Inferno as a potential third map, removing Overpass.

Although FaZe picked Ancient, Na'Vi fared better and took a 1-0 series lead. Valeriy "b1t" Vakhovskiy finally woke up and along with captain Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen led his team with 19 frags. FaZe struggled with the economy in the first half and Na'Vi had a 7-5 advantage on the CT side, which they then extended in the rest until a 13-9 victory.

And while FaZe fans may have been scared that we'd only be seeing two maps when it was Mirage's turn, a map where Na'Vi is extremely dangerous, complete dominance followed and FaZe opened the map with a 10-1 run before Na'Vi managed to take the second consolation round at the end of the first half.

With three rounds to go, FaZe goes up a huge 13-2 and heralds a spectacular finish to the Major on Inferno.

At the start of Inferno, we saw FaZe as terrorists, and Na'Vi on the CT side. Na'Vi took the first lead after they managed to dismantle the bomb set by FaZe in the first round, starting an incredible 7-0 run by Na'Vi which was eventually stopped by frozen managing to stop Na'Vi from dismantling the bomb in the 1st 3 situation.

FaZe managed to take one more round before Na'Vi fought back, preventing FaZe from potentially cutting the deficit to just two rounds by halftime. Everything was going well for the Na'Vi team in those moments, they won duels, managed to prevent FaZe from reaching the site, and only in the last round did FaZe manage to reach the third round and prevent a complete disaster, while Na'Vi could also and how pleased he was to go into halftime with a 9-3 margin in his favor.

 With a quick attack on the A site, which was guarded by only two opposing players, Na'Vi reached the second pistol round on Inferno and a 10-3 advantage at the start of the second half. With a new attack on the same site, they reached 11-3, and FaZe without money was doomed in the next round as well, when Na'Vi came to nine match points.

As they started the half, so they ended it, another foray into the A site could not be stopped by FaZe and Na'Vi with a convincing 13-3 victory comes to a historic victory to become an organization that has won Major trophies in three different versions of Counter-Strike esports.

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